MTN Nigeria Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2019

Current MTN Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2019

Getting an internet subscription has become one of the basic necessities in this modern generation. Everyone needs to keep track of one thing or the other on the internet, even most of the businesses today can’t operate without internet access.

MTN Data Plans Subscription Codes

MTN is the largest telecoms network in Nigeria. This post will cover current MTN Data Plans, subscription codes, and prices. These useful codes will assist in subscribing to any of the MTN Data Bundles of your choice on the go.

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MTN Daily and Weekly Data Plans

25 MB24 hrs₦ 50114
75MB24 hrs₦ 100104
1GB24 hrs₦ 350155
200MB2 Days₦ 200113
2GB2 Days₦ 500154
350MB7 Days₦ 300102
750MB7 Days₦ 500103

MTN Monthly Data Plans

1.5GB30 Days₦ 1,000106
2GB30 Days₦ 1,200130
3GB30 Days₦ 1,500131
4.5GB30 Days₦ 2,000110
10GB30 Days₦ 3,500107
15GB30 Days₦ 5,000116
40GB30 Days₦ 10,000117
75GB30 Days₦ 15,000150

2 and 3 Months Data Plans

60 Days₦ 20,000118
100GB60 Days₦ 30,000138
120GB90 Days₦ 50,000133
150GB90 Days₦ 70,000134

To check your MTN data balance, Simply dial *131*4# or send 2 in (SMS) to 131 and your data balance will be sent to you afterwards i.e (Press 2 in SMS and send it to  131)

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Finally, all the data plans details listed above have been tested and confirmed to be working fine. However, we will keep updating this page when MTN makes any adjustment or change in any of the Data bundles.

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