Mom Seen Twerking at Son’s Graduation – People Reacts (Video)

– Video of a Mom twerking at son’s graduation

All parents are proud of their kids on graduation day, we get that. However, one mom took her excitement a bit too far when her son graduated earlier this year.

In May, an unidentified woman – dressed in a cleavage-baring yellow jumper – attended the high school graduation ceremony of her son.

The moment her son received his diploma, she started twerking and yelling. One of the other parents filmed the woman’s celebration and the video showed security guards stepping in to stop her.

The video was originally shared on YouTube in earlier this year but resurfaced recently on other social media platforms.


The mother’s “attention-seeking” ways infuriated social media users. We learnt that the twerk video led to internet users dragging the mom in the comments.

Always got to make themselves the centre of attention. Sorry for the young man getting his proud moment overshadowed by this thirsty lame.” – Lay Heavy FatBoy

Damn, how embarrassing.” – Jonathan Bowens added:

Jayson William said: “Made her child’s moment is about her because she has nothing going for herself.

Eddie Brown wrote: “Embarrassing! And we wonder why they show us no respect! Hate to see how far she’ll go if he graduates college.”

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