5 High Paying Skills For Students in Nigeria

The need for acquisition of skills as an undergraduate in a country like Nigeria where poverty and unemployment rate is high cannot be over overemphasized.

It is highly unsuitable that the Nigerian education system does not put much interest and make room for talent identification, development and skill acquisition. In a situation where there is no availability of white collar jobs therefore, one has to make good use of a skill to earn a living.

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Every student should plan ahead and ensure that while they are still in school, they should make out time acquire a skill or two in addition to their school certificates as certificate alone is not enough in the Nigeria of today.

There are so many high paying vocational skills and most in-demand in Nigeria that can earn you more money than a degree certificates if you are willing any vocational skill a trial. One can be making good from money from most of these skills while still in school.

Here are some of the high paying skills and most in-demand in Nigeria

Beauty Services: There is rise in demand for beauty services in Nigeria on daily basis. Young men and women have taken it to another level in the industry by becoming big time employers and owners of big beauty brands.

This industry has grown and is still moving forward with great opportunities especially for people who wish to be self-employed.

Web Developments and Services: When we speak about web development, we tend to mistakenly think it is just creating website which is more than that. It means creating online solutions, maintaining websites, security testing and web based applications and more.

A lot of money is made on web development and services as there are lesser number of experts in this field currently in Nigeria compared to other skills. Businesses are also making efforts to create online presence and awareness about their businesses so as to improve marketing and services.

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Manufacturing Skills: People acquiring vocational skills in the manufacturing trade are often hired to pass on the knowledge to another set of people or to work in manufacturing agencies.

Some of them have been able to manufacture their own products for sale. Products manufactured include liquid soaps, bar soaps, ointments, balm, detergents, disinfectants and stain removers.

Fashion Designing, Tailoring and Knitting skills: The fashion industry is yet another industry with a very high demand rate that has helped many Nigerian youth escape poverty due to the high rate of unemployment.

Good fashion designers in Nigeria today are making reasonable income from their services. The driving force here is passion. Under six to twelve months, people who are passionate about fashion are able to acquire enough skill to help them start up their own tailoring shops and fashion lines.

Carpentry and Furniture Making Skills: Carpentry is another high paying skill that deals with wood carving, production and repairs. Though this beautiful skill is mostly underrated in Nigeria, the demand and returns on carpentry are equally great.

It is a high skilled trade that plays a vital role in our lives. Our furniture at home, schools, offices, churches, recreational centers, hospitals and virtually everywhere are made by carpenters.

Undergraduates please note: Setting out to make money while in school without proper time management, might affect your academic performance. So it is advised you create a proper timetable to guide you.

Hope you find this article educative and interesting 🙂

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