How To Check Glo Data Balance in Nigeria ā€“ Fast and Easy

Here is a procedure to guide you if you wish to check the remaining (MB) data balance of your Glo subscription plan.

However, If you are yet to subscribe to any of the Glo data plans. Or confused on the best data plan to suit you, kindly proceed to Glo Data Plans and Subscription Codes in Nigeria

How To Check Subscription Balance (Remaining MB) on Glo

You can know your Glo data balance using any of the methods listed below.

1. You can know the Balance of your Glo data balance via SMS, Send “INFO” without the quotes as SMS to 127 then wait for a reply message from Glo with every detail of your current data including expiry date and remaining MB.

2. Dial *777#, select your current data plan > Choose “Manage data” > Select “data balance” and wait for a reply message from the network.

3. You can also check your Glo subscription balance via USSD by dialing *127*0#.

4. Finally, subscribers can also check their GLO data balance online by visiting the website of the network company with the link So, those who uses ipad can be using this method to check their subscription balance.

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