Best Degree Courses That Will Easily Get You Employed in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, unemployment is one of the most if not the most serious challenge facing the youths. For instance, Nigeria’s tertiary institution education system which holds about 306 schools (Universities and Polytechnics) according to survey produces up to 500,000 graduates every year in addition to Nigerian graduates who study abroad and come home to compete for jobs.Best Degree Courses in Nigeria

Therefore, seeing the above statistics, I believe the next question that will come to your mind is, how many Job vacancies does the country generate annually to fit in the large number of graduates that enters the labour market every year? 🙂  Anyway, lets not go into that for now.

So, as an undergraduate, how can you get yourself busy and earning a living after NYSC? Most importantly, I will always advice undergraduates to acquire skills while they are still in school, this goes a long way giving them something to hang on while seeking for a good job. Some might even decide to upgrade their skills and build a lifetime career in it therefore, saving them a lot.

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Secondly, which brings us to the title of this post (Best degree courses that will easily get you employed in Nigeria) is individual field/course of study, that is to say choice of course plays a very important role in your employment time frame and income/salary after graduation. In addition, with the right choice of courses in Nigeria you can also save yourself from frustration after NYSC.

Lists of Degree Courses in Nigeria with Best Employment Opportunities.

1. Pharmacy

2. Computer Science/IT

3. Medicine

4. Accounting & Finance

5. Business & Administrative Studies.

6. Chemistry

7. Agriculture Science

8. Nursing

9. Home Economics

10. Marketing

11. Graphics Art

12. Architecture

13. Health Education

14. Economics

15. Fishery

16. Civil Engineering

17. Physics

18. Human Resources Management

19. Law

20. Geology

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In conclusion, please note that this does not necessarily mean other courses that were not included in the list above are categorized as bad, not valued or profitable however following many criteria, including the application for a professional certificate, we were able to arrive to this report.

Finally, I hope you find the article helpful and interesting. Please let’s hear you thought on this post in the comment section and don’t forget to share with you friends.

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