Airtel Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2019

Today I will be sharing with you the list of the current Airtel Data Plans, subscription codes, and prices. These useful codes will assist in subscribing to any Airtel Data Bundle of your choice instead of using your airtime credit for internet connections which costs more.

Airtel Data Plans 3

Moreover, these Plans are compatible with all devices and can be used for Computers, Tablets, Androids and other phones including Smart TVs. There are distinct categories of daily, weekly, monthly, and night Airtel Data Plans.

Daily and Weekly Data Plans:

(plans designed for all your internet needs.)

20MB1 Day₦ 50*141*50#
75MB1 Day₦ 100*141*100#
200MB3 Days₦ 200*141*200#
1GB1 Day₦ 300*141*354#
350MB7 Days₦ 300*141*300#
750MB14 Days₦ 500*141*500#
1GB7 Days₦ 500*141*502#
2GB1 Day₦ 500*141*504#
6GB7 Days₦1500*141*1504#

Monthly Data Plans

(The Airtel monthly data plans are designed for all your internet needs.)

1.5GB30 Days₦ 1,000*141*1000#
2GB30 Days₦ 1,200*141*1200#
3GB30 Days₦ 1,500*141*1500#
4.5GB30 Days₦ 2,000*141*2000#
6GB30 Days₦ 2,500*141*2500#
8GB30 Days₦ 3,000*141*3000#
11GB30 Days₦ 4,000*141*4000#


Mega Data Plans

(The mega data plans are designed for the heavy data user. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple devices)

15GB30 Days₦ 5,000*141*5000#
40GB30 Days₦ 10,000*141*10000#
75GB30 Days₦ 15,000*141*15000#
110GB30 Days₦ 20,000*141*20000#

Airtel 4G Bundles

(Special data plans designed specifically for routers to deliver super-fast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage. The bundles are locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network, therefore the data cannot be consumed outside of Airtel 4G coverage area.)


To check your Airtel data balance, Dial *140# and your data balance will be sent to you in SMS afterwards.

In conclusion, all the Airtel data plan details above have been tested and confirmed to be working fine. However, we will keep updating this page when Airtel makes any adjustment or change in any of the plans

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