Advice To all Newly Admitted Students in Nigerian Universities

– Important advice to all Newly admitted students in Nigerian universities.

Advice newly admitted students

Have you been given admission to study in any of the Nigerian universities or any other higher institution?  Firstly, big congratulations for having made it and also congratulations in advance to those yet to be admitted. It’s really not easy.

Secondly, you should understand that gaining admission into university or any other higher institution is NOT the time for you to start planning to exhibit all those your bad potentials you are not allowed to exhibit at home, bad attitudes and lifestyle.

Here are Few Tips to Guide Newly Admitted Students (Freshers)

Study and Don’t Read

There is a difference between the two words. The Bible had always admonished its readers to study it and has never asked people to JUST READ IT. To study means to do more than reading. To memorise, to jot, to paraphrase etc. So as you just jumped into this ship called ‘higher education’ be prepared to study.

Acquire a Skill

Your goals and hope in life shouldn’t depend only on your degree certificate. In Nigeria today, acquiring a vocational skill is very important, so If you want acquire a skill in blogging, programming, Public speaking, fashion designing, video editing etc.

You can start that as a student. Look for students who are already successful in that field and make them mentor/friends. But make sure it doesn’t distract and affect you academics.

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Avoid Political Engagements

No matter how much you think you know, school politics will always be a distraction to you. I have seen many administrations come and go yet none has done anything worthwhile. It’s all about sponging funds and less or no service at all. Note that politics in school is highly redundant. It has the capacity to take away your security and then consummates in death.

Don’t Fight in & Outside The Campus

Fighting isn’t allowed in universities. If you punch anybody and you get caught then you stand a chance of being awarded a generous compulsory holiday at home. You will be rusticated or maybe suspended. It all means that your parents may never forgive you for wasting their expenses on you.

Avoid The Cult Guys

Unfortunately, almost every university has the unwelcomed presence of the cult guys. There are also female cult groups that can choose To Molest a guy to death or put up any other nefarious act. Just avoid those guys if you can identify them. If they ‘toast’ you please bluntly and firmly resist or you may lose your neck right there. When they come dont run, stand your ground and they will respect you. But never be insultive or prove to know more than them. Just insist that you made a choice not to ‘belong’ and that you will never ‘belong’.

Don’t Play With Assignments

All exams carries 70 marks except projects and reports. But even if you score 70 over 70 in exams you may still fail if you never did the assignments and took the tests.

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Don’t Read at Night

The best time to read your books is between 5pm to 10pm. You should sleep by 10pm or you will only share your attention with sleep and half with the books. Sleep early and then read by 4am or 5am when you are awake. It is more better that way.

Drop The Pidgin

The university is the highest level of education so if an undergraduate cannot speak excellent english then what is the essence of being in school in the first place?
You are in campus not a motor park so please speak correct and well polished english. Just flaunt those pure accent. Show them you are an undergrad.

Don’t Be In a Hurry

The university was initially a place for 26yrs old and above so if you are below 30yrs then please dont rush. Study only what you were destined for. When a man God had designed to be the best doctor in the world ends up studying forestry what do you expect? Ans: TOTAL FAILURE!

You Are Not Yet Done

There is a difference between a FINAL YEAR STUDENT and a YEAR FOUR, FIVE, SIX, OR SEVEN STUDENT. If your course will last for FOUR YEARS and you are in the FOURTH YEAR, it doesn’t means that you are done. Just one course you failed since your YEAR ONE can keep you in school for another FOUR YEARS!

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No Riot is in Your Favour

No matter your agitations, the school will never feel the pains of your anger. You will destroy school properties in revenge and anger and then be forced to pay for the damage with a little balance left for the sch administration!

Don’t Go Looking For a Wife in School

While in your final year please resist the pressure to pick a girl. Give yourself time. Outside the university you may have your wife eagerly waiting for you.

Good Luck! 🙂

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